Monday, June 24, 2013

Jersey Shore Wedding Weekend

This weekend we headed down to the Jersey Shore to celebrate the Wedding of two friends, Chris and Liz.  It was a gorgeous weekend to get married as the weather was mid 80's with sunny clear skies!  

I will say that the Bride and Groom thought about every possible detail you could imagine from the Guest Tote Bag full of everything you could need at check-in.

To the beautiful weather that they ordered up for their guests to enjoy at the pool!

 The beautiful floral arrangements on the name card table

The stir sticks in the drinks during cocktail hour (Yankee or Giants).

The beautifully decorated tent on the Country Club's golf course.  
The simple but elegant centerpieces of each table.  Every table names after a NYC landmark.
                                                                               The beautiful menu cards and name cards with the matching plates!
                                                                             They even ordered up a Supermoon!
 Glasses with their wedding day and their first initials to dance the night away in like rock stars!

 To the sparkler send off for the Bride and Groom!
We had an absolute blast at the wedding and couldn't be happier for Chris and Liz! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Sunshine State

Due to the field of work I am in, it is tough to take off for ski holidays because I am busy from Jan 1 through the sign off of our 10K.  Well this year worked out in my favor due to speeding up our timeline to file 2 1/2 weeks earlier than normal.  Once the calendar was set and our board signed off, Scott and I decided to plan a trip to take full advantage of an early vacation in 2013. 

We decided to pack the bags and head to a warm sunny location and get out of the snow.  The Sunshine State was the perfect ticket!  We invited our friends, The Sanger's, and within a few hours there was a "HELL YES" response or something to that nature.  Dates were picked, tickets booked and we were on the countdown for 8 days in paradise.

Rewind a month from now, where we couldn't have planned it any better that our flights arrived within 15 minutes of each other, due to mechanical issues with the Sanger's flight, in beautiful, sunny Maui.

We had a wonderful time exploring the island at the crack of dawn, biking 24 miles down a volcano, exploring the local brewery, zip line tour where "wild pigs" were on the trails, spa day for the ladies, golf day for the men, whale watching while on the beach, paddle boarding, traveling the road to Hana, swimming in waterfalls, having wonderful fish tacos, playing monopoly deal on the patio, enjoying each other's company and especially enjoying the sunshine!  Here is a photo tour of our time on Maui. 

Welcome to Paradise!

Zip line Tour in Ka'anapali~ if you ever go beware of the "wild pigs" on the trails.  They are loud and dangerous!

Maui Brewing Company Tour~

 Sunrise on Mt. Haleakala and a 24 mile bike ride down~

Dinners out~

Day at the spa~

The Whales from the beach~

 Sunset on the beach~

 Road to Hana~

 Paddle Boarding~

Last night in Hawaii~

We had a wonderful trip and it was certainly tough coming home.  We are still trying to come up with a way to make our way to Hawaii full-time as the life style, food and weather are something that we could get used to very easily.  I know where I would look for work first if we were to move to Hawaii and I know where Scott would choose to live.  Let's see if the plan could work out some day.